Building a Brand for the Cornerstone Theme

I’m John LeMasney, part of the team for TEDxPrincetonLibrary. I am responsible for our WordPress site, and also designing our visual branding for our theme this year, Cornerstone. Cornerstone refers to Princeton Public’s beautiful cornerstone, which bears the words possible, seek, doubt, question, becoming, wonder, explore, beyond, meaning change, hope, risk, and real.

Janie Hermann asked me to design something that used a 3D cube as a base, and I had my beginning for the design. As I finished each revision, I posted it on our Facebook group page so that everyone on the team would have an opportunity to vote, add commentary, and foster direction for the next revision. We moved through the designs, slowly refining the idea, until we were all generally happy with our brand. You can see the inspiration for the deisgn, the cornerstone, as well as each of the revisions and final choice in the gallery below.


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