Honoring Omar Ahmad

Choosing which TED videos to show between our speakers at the TEDxPrincetonLibrary Cornerstone Event was not a simple task. There were simply too many great videos to choose from. One of the favorites suggested by Adnan Shamsi was so special we decided to list it separately on the blog, so all of you who read this can have the advantage of viewing it. It is our hope that you will pass along the link to friends and family so that they, too, might gain the advantage of Omar Ahmad’s informative and entertaining message.

Adnan Shamsi, a TEDxPrincetonLibrary team member had this to say about Omar’s brilliant talk, when he recommended it for the Cornerstone Event:

This is the PERFECT talk because …

a) it is informative, persuasive and inspiring
b) it’s a great lesson that teaches in under 6 minutes how each one of us can make a difference in our community by being engaged with our local, state and national leaders
c) Omar is a funny and terrific speaker, and makes his points in an amusing manner
d) …and finally because, sadly, this honorable Mayor of San Carlos passed away suddenly of a heart attack on 5/10 at the young age of 46, and was fondly remembered by hundreds at his funeral, in the press, on HuffPo and on various blogs, including the TED Blog.

I was privileged to know Omar after having first met him at the CAMP Leadership Summit in Princeton where Omar delivered a fabulous, inspiring and personal keynote address – and I recall thinking to myself how Omar would make a marvelous speaker at TED. Less than a year later he did indeed deliver his OWN TEDTalk.


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