TEDxYouth@PrincetonLibrary will take place on November 16th, 2012 from 3 pm to 9 pm in the library’s community room.

Our theme for the day is Be the Change and we will combine live talks with TED videos that reflect how we can all bring about change. Live music and a dramatic performance will be a part of our event.

Please visit the registration page to find out how you can join us for this unique event.


We are pleased to announce that the following speakers will take the stage on the evening of November 16th to deliver inspirational talks:

Ronak Trivedi:  Ronak is 17 years old and is a senior at Northern Burlington County Regional High School in Columbus, New Jersey. He pushes himself to be the best student and person he can be. Ronak has a multitude of petty talents like juggling 4 balls and solving the Rubik’s cube. He can even juggle while solving a Rubik’s cube! Just joking, but how awesome would that be? Ronak’s passion is music and he plays the piano, saxophone, ukulele and is currently learning how to play the violin (although some people may say his violin skills sound like a dying cat). Ronak was inspired by his teacher, Ms. Andrea Mystrena and his classmates in his Gifted and Talented class in the 10th grade to teach younger students to not bully through the “I Am_Campaign”, which is a workshop that promotes people to respect each other as well as themselves.

Dhara Dhara Mehta:  Dhara is from Princeton, New Jersey and is a junior at West Windsor Plainsboro, High School South. She is currently 16 years old and lives with two very loving parents and a sister who is currently studying at the University of Sciences to become a pharmacist. Dhara worked on her Girl Scout Gold Award on composting two years ago and last year she started her own 4-H club called “Treasuring the Trash” which focuses on recycling and how we can live a more sustainable life. Composting and anything related to recycling and reusing has captured a lot of her attention and made her aware of a lot of things. She has learned a lot through this experience, and has not only grown as a composter, but also as a person.

Bindu Bansinath: Bindu is a junior at Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart. She enjoys creative writing, ballroom dancing, and Small World Coffee. Her short story “Other Womanhood” is to be published in the Blue Pencil Online and she has won Editor’s Choice in the National Live Poet Society for her work, “Nassau and Beyond.” She is a part of the teen conservatory at Stella Adler in New York and spent a summer semester at the Stonestreet Screen Acting Studio in New York. In the future she’d like to attend University but she won’t mention which for fear of jinxing it. Bindu is currently sixteen years old and resides in North Brunswick.

Maddy Lehman: Maddy is 16 years old and currently a junior at Princeton High School. She has a very loving family consisting of three younger siblings and two supportive parents. Maddy has a great relationship with her parents based off of trust and she wants more teens to have this kind of uncomplicated relationship with their parents. She has noticed throughout her teenage life that relations between parents and teens aren’t as great as they should be and she wants to make a difference. She is going to start contacting middle schools to start an organization called “In Teens We Trust”, where teens would come and talk to children and their parents, to help improve relations with teens and their parents. She hopes to make a difference in the lives of families and wants to show that the stereotypical strife between teens and their parent’s does not always have to occur.

Katelyn Darrow-Eystad:  Katelyn, an ambitious 16-year-old from Pitman, NJ is a rising sophomore in high school. In her free time she can be found running her non-profit organization, “The Angels Clothing Closet” (www.angelsofgod.org), where she provides clothing and more to those in need. Katelyn founded the charity at just 12-years-old and has assisted over 4000 low-income families to date. The organization is setup in a storefront where families in need shop for clothing, food, and toiletries, at no cost. Aside from her nonprofit, Katelyn is a field reporter and occasional co-host on “Express Yourself!” teen radio show on the Voice America Kids network. With her segment, “The Gift of Giving” she discusses how youth can change the world through volunteering, charity, and service projects. She wishes to make her mark in the world by encouraging others to make a difference in their community.

Menelaos Mazarakis is currently a sophomore at Princeton High School. He is the President and Founder of the Princeton Peru Partnership, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting theTaray community in the Peruvian Andes Mountains. Among his passions are learning new languages (currently proficient in 4 languages: Spanish, Greek, English, and French), traveling the world, and studying world cultures. He is also an avid squash player, intense ping-pong’er, and aggressive debater on international issues. After being born in New York, living in Mexico for 5 years, Miami for 1 year, and Boston for another year, he finally settled down in Princeton in 2003. His experiences in Peru inspired him to lead the Princeton Peru Partnership at Princeton High School in hopes of aiding the devastated people of Taray. A strong patriot of his native land, Greece, where he spends his summers, Menelaos is a firm believer that: “Without Greek achievement, the world would be much different.” -Anonymous

Camila Tellez: Camila Tellez is a sophomore at Lawrenceville Prep, Chair of the Fair Trade Princeton Campaign, and member of the Environmental Film Festival Committee and Teen Advisory Board in Princeton.  She is also the recipient of the Sustainable Princeton Award for her work raising awareness in her town. She works directly with the local government and vendors to bring Fair Trade into Princeton.  She has published articles in Genius Country and Edible Jersey, and is currently working with Lawrenceville to certify it a Fair Trade School.

Brandon Monokian: Brandon Monokian was recently named one of South Jersey Magazine’s “Names to Know,” and is currently preparing for the upcoming New York run of his original play Grimm Women (starring Style Network’s Briella Calafiore). Directing credits include Revolutionary Readings, Princeton Public Library’s Page to Stage series (which he co created), and three time director of The Vagina Monologues. Acting credits include: How To Build A Forest (PearlDamour, The Kitchen), Shlemiel the First (dir. David Gordon, Skirball Center/ Alexander Kasser Theater), and PastTENSE (dir. Robert Woodruff). In addition to writing plays and commercials, his theatre journalism work has appeared on Blog-o-zines Insite, Culture Vultures and Library as Incubator Project.


Following Brandon Monokian’s talk, we will have dramatic readings from the traveling production of Revolutionary Readings performed by the following three actors:

David Skeist appeared most recently in the title role of Javierantonion González’s Open up, Hadrian (Magic Futurebox), directed by Meiyin Wang and produced by Caborca of which he is a founding member. He has also acted in David Gordon’s Beginning of the End of the… (Joyce Soho) and Shlemiel the First (Peak Performances, TFANA), Elizabeth Swados’s Political Subversities (Joe’s Pub), Julian Sheppard’s Los Angeles (Flea) directed by Adam Rapp and Stolen Chair’s Kinderspiel (Wings). Skeist has composed original choral music for productions by Niky Wolcz, Cloud of Fools, and Kristin Linklater. He holds an MFA in Acting from Columbia, and has taught at Columbia and New York Conservatory for the Arts.

Amanda Guzman‘s passion for theatre in the service of social change led to her involvement with fellow theatre artist Brandon Monokian’s tour of Revolutionary Readings. Other credits include: Love is in the Air (The Cell, dir. Jeremy Bloom), featured actress in Princeton Public Library’s “Page to Stage” series (for which she will be featured in a forthcoming documentary about the series) and the upcoming Grimm Women (December 12th-15th, The Kraine Theater). Film: Concussion (starring Robin Weigert). Miss Guzman sang background vocals on the acclaimed album “Ins & Doubts” by Minor Motion and has also done dramaturgical work for Luna Stage’s world premiere production of Reparation starring Frankie Faison.

Kaitlin Overton has been involved with Revolutionary Readings since the very beginning in the summer of 2010. Other theatre credits include You Me Bum Bum Train (dir. Kate Bond, London, UK), Uncivil Wars (dir. David Gordon, Peak Performances), the Page to Stage series at the Princeton Public Library, Spring Awakening (Wendla), The Laramie Project, and The Vagina Monologues. Erase hate.


 Cloud Nine is the non-choir-affiliated, all-female a cappella ensemble at Princeton High School. Our repertoire consists of a wide variety of pop, contemporary and choral a cappella selections, all of which we arrange ourselves. We absolutely adore a cappella and we hope that through our performances, you will love it too!

Members for 2012-2013 school year: Arielle Thomas, Elana Bell,Hannah Fowler Lapp,Meggie Loughran, Eszter Bentch, Jade Levine, Zoe Lessard, Zoe Resnick, and Caleigh Dwyer.

George Quinn and Friends: Bassist George Quinn leads a combo of Princeton High School musicians featuring Pasha Temkin on drums and Felix Milman on guitar. A sophomore at PHS, George is a composer, bassist, bandleader and member of the Princeton Studio Band. A graduate of the American Boychoir School, he recorded and toured extensively with the choir, performing with the Royal Concergebouw Orchestra, New York Philharmonic and other international orchestras. He studies composition and theory with composer Elliot Cole and bass with Isaac Trapkus. He has participated in master classes with composer Judah Adashi and bassist Kenny Davis. In July 2012, members of the New York-based Metropolis Ensemble performed his composition for bass and bassoon. In addition to the trio performing tonight, he is the leader of the George Quinntet, which will perform in January at the library.



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